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What To Do When Your Website Does Not Rank Well In Google
  16/06/2008 14:49:24
How to compete when Google fails to look positively upon a particular website
AdWord Accelerator
  15/05/2008 11:12:10
AdWords Software that can help you break into the highly competitive markets cheaply
Top 3 Google Linking Strategies of 2008
  30/04/2008 14:18:19
f you're serious about getting great ranking on Google you need to be serious about linking
Microsoft and Yahoo!, Search Engine Partners?
  23/04/2008 09:42:26
How Mergers and Acquisitions May Change the Search Engine Playing Field - and Where Google Comes In
Do You Really Need To Come In First Place?
  16/04/2008 09:08:55
It's not all about winning - a place or a show can be just fine
Speaking the Language of Robots
  01/04/2008 11:09:14
Why we're pleased to introduce you to your personal robot translator
Snagging Inbound Links
  01/04/2008 10:43:05
Inbound links are now so important in the constant battle toachieve top search engine rankings
How Anyone Can Improve Their Search Engine Rankings
  18/03/2008 18:14:25
The goal of the search engines is to provide the most relevant information to its users
All Optimized and Going Nowhere?
  12/03/2008 10:43:10
It happens sometimes. Here are some of the common reasons you may not be indexed
Writing Website Content That Gets Results
  04/03/2008 12:03:19
The top five benefits of creating high-value website content for your small business website
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Making Internet-based businesses more successful..

Internet Marketing Associates UK is a consultancy service for website promotion, web site optimisation and promotion, website design, search engine optimisation and SEO in Scotland.

We specialise in Internet marketing strategy services in the UK and website consultancy. If you wish to increase visitors to your website our SEO Consultant can advise you on how to expand traffic affordably with our Web Promotion package using organic search engine optimisation and submissions to the search engines and directories.

We have design and promotion experts who can advise you on how to market your web site and can give you ideas and solutions that will help to promote your business. We also design new websites and give existing ones makeovers with content management systems and secure shopping carts if required.

Many people believe that once they have a web site visitors will find it, not so, unless it is marketed. Marketing a web site means advertising online and offline.

To market your web site successfully online, a web site needs to be search engine optimised and then submitted to the most important search engines and directories, as up to 84% of all Internet surfers are directed by search engines to web sites.

97% of all search engine traffic comes from just 20 of the most popular search engines, of which over 93% comes from Google - 64.14%, Yahoo! - 22.88% and MSN - 6.59% in the search engine market*...

On average there are 300 million searches made every day through the search engines. Only 7% of all web sites are visible on the search engines according to a recent StatMarket.com study.

The reason for this phenomenon is that most web sites are not properly optimised or promoted to achieve high search engine rankings.

Research has shown that a listing in the organic search engines will get 3 times as many click-throughs as the equivalent pay-per-click listing. and, it will have a 17% higher sales conversion!

We can help you with fast, efficient, reliable, value-for-money, quite affordable and recommended service, now... See some of the
testimionals from our clients -great satisfaction by clients to date...

You can do something yourself to improve your web site's position on the Internet, by getting relevant incoming links established.

* Ref: Hitwise

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Internet Marketing Associates UK

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Internet Marketing Associates UK is a consultancy service for website promotion, web site optimisation and promotion, website design, search engine optimisation and SEO Scotland.

"We would like to make a short comment on how pleased we are with the quality of work carried out to our websites. The layout and colours are excellent and several of our customers have given good feedback. A quick turnaround was required and you handled this perfectly. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for website development."

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